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Hearing Aid Brands

We represent only the best, leading-edge manufacturers in the industry with top-rated hearing aids.

 We select our hearing aid brands based on the quality and reliability of their products, level of service, customer support, elegance of technology and end-user (consumer) ease of use.

We offer a variety of hearing aids brands and technology, and unlike many of our competitor businesses, we are not biased to select one manufacturer over another. Most of the well-known chain stores that sell hearing aids are actually owned by a hearing aid manufacturer.


There are essentially 6 big players in the hearing aid world. All of these players own a few other hearing aid companies, or share technology with them. This means that any of these companies that have shared ownership will benefit from each other’s resources and technology.

In addition, many of these players are also involved in the retail distribution of hearing aids.

If you visit A retail chain and see which hearing aid manufacturer owns the chain, you can bet that you will be recommended a hearing aid that THEY BUILD.

William Demant Holding Group
Brands: Oticon, Bernafon, Sonic Innovations
Retail Chains: Avada, AccuQuest, Hearing life

Brands: Phonak, Unitron
Retail Chains: Connect Hearing (previously Newport Audiology Centers)

GN ReSound
Brands: ReSound, Interton
Retail Chain: Beltone

Starkey Hearing Technologies
Brands: Starkey, Audibel, NuEar, Micro-Tech
Retail Chains: All American Hearing, Audibel Hearing Centers

Siemens/Signia Hearing Instruments
Brands: Siemens/Signia, Rexton, Widex
Retail Chain: Hearing USA, Miracle Ear (sort of). Siemens/Signia does not own Miracle Ear, but they are the manufacturer of Miracle Ear hearing aids.

We have the latitude to recommend hearing devices based on our client’s personal needs and preferences to guarantee their total satisfaction.

We represent the following manufacturers and others who are known to be at the fore-front of hearing device technology.

These manufacturers provide the most reliable hearing aid solutions and they endeavor to improve their critically acclaimed product lines through high-level research and development.

Oticon Hearing Aids

ReSound Hearing Aids

Starkey Hearing Aids

Phonak Hearing Aids

Signia- Siemens Hearing Aidsan

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