Buying a Hearing Aid

We make the process of buying a hearing aid transparent.

We participate with most major insurance companies and even if you do not have a defined hearing aid benefit on your plan there are companies we work with that offer discounts for members of certain health insurance plans.

Tips for Selecting Hearing Aids

Our hearing aids are all from major manufacturers and start at $999. They can cost up to $3,000 each, depending on the style and level of technology purchased. Hearing aid costs usually increase with more complex and sophisticated technology.

What is the best brand of hearing aid?

We only work with the largest manufacturers in the business because (1) They have more money invested in extensive research and development, and (2) They stand behind their products and share our philosophy of doing everything possible to satisfy our patients. There is no one perfect brand of hearing aid. The one that works the best for your hearing loss and needs is the one we will recommend.

How do I pay for hearing aids?

Monthly Payment Plans with No Interest Financing
Paying for hearing aids can sometimes be a hardship if insurance does not have coverage, therefore we offer affordable monthly payment plans. The best plan offers zero interest for 12 months. We also have extended payment plans for those needing longer terms at a competitive interest rate.

Discuss your budget and any questions you have about cost with us. Each individual’s hearing loss presents unique challenges. Take your audiologist’s expertise regarding product quality and follow-up services into consideration when making your purchase decision.

Does Medicare cover hearing aids?

No, unfortunately Medicare does not pay for hearing aids. There are some Medicare Advantage plans that offer discounts. Hearing aids may also qualify as a medical expense with flex spending accounts and on your income taxes.

Do Bluetooth hearing aids cost more?

The largest hearing aid manufacturers are now including Bluetooth in all hearing aids that are compatible and it has become a standard feature. Unless it is a very small hearing aid, you can’t buy a hearing aid without Bluetooth.