The Gold Standard in Hearing Care

Best Practice Pro Hearing Treatment Plan

The fitting process and follow up care is most critical to success with hearing devices.  We exceed the best practice guidelines outlined by the American Academy of Audiology:


    Customized programming and rehabilitation plan
    Instructions on use, care and expectations.
    Assess fitting with the appropriate level of hearing correction.
    Connectivity assistance.
    • 45 Day assessment period to determine the most appropriate technology for you.


    Steps to check hearing aid benefit and function.
    Testing for speech intelligibility in quiet and noise.

Real Ear Measurements

     with Live Speech Mapping are neccessary for an accurate prescription.
    Surveys before and after rehabilitation with goal assessments.

Maintenance Program

    FREE cleaning of hearing devices for the life of the aids.
    FREE annual hearing tests.
    FREE annual evaluation of hearing aid benefit and function with Real Ear Measurements and electronic testing.
    FREE loaners while your aid is repaired.
    FREE Ear cleaning (in warranty).
    FREE on-site repair lab (in warranty).
    *Some services excluded from insurance managed care plans